Postpartum Progress Inc.

Postpartum Progress Inc. is a non-profit charity dedicated to improving awareness of the spectrum of perinatal mood & anxiety disorders and vastly improving the services and support available to the women who suffer them.


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Our Mission

Postpartum Progress Inc. (PPI) promotes public awareness of perinatal depression & anxiety, fights stigma and provides hope for recovery.  We are aggressive catalysts for change.  We want to ensure that as many pregnant women and new mothers as possible will:

  •  Know enough about all of the perinatal mood & anxiety disorders that they will recognize when they are suffering and be open to treatment;
  •  Know how and where to seek help;
  •  Feel safe and comfortable asking for help; and
  • Have specialized services and support available to them no matter where they live.

We will accomplish this by creating public awareness materials and support services that are grounded in evidence-based medicine, technology-based, easy to access, easy to understand, interactive and personally relevant.  We believe all women should have access to the best information and help, regardless of their socio-economic status or geographical location.  


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